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The Purebred Herd

At Red Willow Ranch, we strive for the genetics and traits in our purebred and fullblood cow herd to build a lasting foundation around.


Our purebred herd consists mainly of fullblood Simmental females, but we have been building our red and black Simmentals base as well.


We aim for sound structured, strong uddered females that are productive for many years. We try to maintain a balance between high performance as well as calving ease traits to suit our customer's needs.

Another trait we feel is very important to us is do-ability. Being involved in the commercial industry for a number of years has taught us the importance of a female's condition year-round. Just like our commercial herd, we look for moderate framed, easy fleshing cattle.

We take pride in our herd and would love the opportunity to give you the grand tour.

The Commercial Herd

We spent the last 40+ years building our commercial cowherd of mainly Simmental x Hereford females into the kind we strive for. Recently, we made the switch from the Simm x Hereford cross to Simm x Black Angus while still maintaining the attributes that we feel are very important: high performing, easy fleshing females with excellent milk production are just a few of the traits we bred into our program.

Just like our purebred cattle, we always strive for sound, functional females that are highly productive. Using our purebred herd as a tool, we are able to incorporate many of our own genetics into our herd as well as optimizing our bull battery by utilizing the same sires as on our purebred cows.

We dispersed our spring calving commercial females in December 2019 as we decided to breed a select group of replacement heifers for calving in early 2020 along with our purebred herd.


We find moving the commercials back to early calving is advantageous for our operation in more ways than one.

Pictures of our new foundation-building females to come soon!

Our Walking & AI Herd Sires - Past & Present

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